My approach is more creative and thoughtful than solely investing capital. I will invest in a variety of different ways.

I look for interesting businesses or ideas where our team can influence and or control the outcome. When I find a venture that our team believes has major potential, we will invest in the form of capital, strategy consulting, or through leveraging our own resources/relationships. We have an experienced team with expertise in sales, marketing, supply chain/strategic sourcing and strategic business planning. We like to invest our intellectual capital and financial capital in businesses that interest us and where we can add the most value.

My particular areas of interest are:

  • Early stage SaaS enterprise technology companies
  • Control or minority investments in the beauty/CPG industry
  • Direct real estate investments
  • Unique income generating investments

Apply for Private Investment

I would be delighted to speak with you in regards to a private investment opportunity. I am a passionate entrepreneur and investor actively looking for new investments. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you.