These Are Your Biggest Challenges as a New Entrepreneur

These Are Your Biggest Challenges as a New Entrepreneur

Never go into battle unprepared. For startups, this means being prepared to face the challenges of starting your own business. As a new entrepreneur, you should be aware of the pitfalls and obstacles involved in setting up your own enterprise even before you make proposals and sales pitches. This way, even when you encounter landmines and get caught in a crossfire, you have a better chance of survival.

Every entrepreneur has undergone his or her share of challenges, and each may be unique for every business owner. But for new startups, most, if not all, are faced with the problems.

Acquiring Funds

Some new entrepreneurs are lucky enough to have an established network, partner investors, or readily available cash to finance their startup. But others have to start from scratch. If you belong to the latter, you have to work very hard in searching for all your funding options. But money problems aren’t limited to entrepreneurs in your group. Even those who already have funding to get the ball rolling will eventually encounter financial difficulty.

Private investment, angel investors, crowd-funding, grants, and loans are just a few of the many financing options you can tap. After knowing who to approach for financial support, you then have the difficult task of convincing them to fund your business. This process involves a lot of sweat and heartbreak, and may take a lot of time before bearing any positive results.

Hiring the Right People

During the infant stages, it may seem plausible to do everything on your own. However, if you want your business to really grow, you have to bring other people on board. And not just any people, but the right people.

First, you have to identify what tasks and roles you need help with. The next step is to find the right candidates to fill those shoes. There are plenty of qualified individuals out there, but skill and expertise are not all you should look for. You should also look for someone who would be a good fit for your business. Does this person have the same business values as you? Can he or she contribute to bring your company closer towards its vision and goals? The right hire results to growth and success, but the wrong one could derail everything.

Marketing Your Business

Acquiring customers is on top of your priorities as a new entrepreneur. But achieving that is easier said than done, especially if your business belongs to a very competitive market. Some entrepreneurs shove marketing down their list of priorities, when in fact they should prioritize building their brand. Remember that you are the new kid in town, and you still need to build relationships and gain the trust of your potential clients, and this could take some time.

Afraid it’s going to cost you to lose revenue? Make sure to allocate a budget for marketing in your business plan so that it is already included in your expected monthly expenses and won’t take anything from your profits. With so many advertising forms available today (social media, online marketing, SEO), you can work on your brand building at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Don’t give up. Find help.

For new entrepreneurs, challenges can be harsh, but they can also be rewarding. So don’t give up so easily on your business dreams. Know that there are other entrepreneurs out there who are facing the same or their own unique problems. Try to reach out to them, or find a mentor who has been through similar experiences. Having someone to talk to about your challenges can be a good release and a way to discover solutions.

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